worst blogger ever

  • posted on 18th December 2013,
  • written by

ok. so it started with my birthday. i went on a little vacation and went shopping and did a million things – and before i knew it, i forgot to update my blog.

then thanksgiving came and in anticipation for my favorite holiday of the year i ate 30 turkeys and completely forgot about the internets and their pipes.

and now christmas is coming and i still haven’t blogged. ARGHHHHH bloggggggggg. blog is totally a four letter word. so first and foremost, i’m here. i’m still getting your emails through the site and your presents (thank you to everyone who sent something!)

now i’m off to new york city then skiing – but i promise i’ll be back mid-january so keep clicking refresh and i’ll tell you when i’m back.

as always, you can give me a little christmas lovin’ on my about page and the person who gives me the best present gets to be my boyfriend for a day. whoa!

i’ll leave you with a christmas joke…why was Santa’s little helper depressed? because he had low elf esteem. happy holidays my little puppies and friends!