did you guys like your asylum slut last week?

  • posted on 26th June 2016,
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artistic oculus

daphnepie gets dirty with her oculus rift.

priviet everybody! new week new crap to play with. ta-tada-daaaaaa meet my brand new oculus rift cv1. for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to get their paws on one yet but are oh so curious about how one looks on a sexy redhead wearing agent provocateur, i made a quick little unboxing video. go to livejasmin.com and find it on my premium channel (@daphnepie duh). be over 18, this is important!!!

ok diving right into the business. my thoughts on the headset:
i. vr is fucking cool
ii. the htc vive is about 5x smoother than oculus but i need them all in case first porn is exclusive to one brand
iii. can’t wait for the “escape the room” kinda games, architectural puzzles, and designing a cyber boyfriend for my pretty little ass
iv. even with the most kick-ass headset, don’t forget to still go out, my sweet boys and girls, because then you can run into meeee and slap my ass saying “damn baby wanna tap dat ass”. gets me every time.

also, i was a sweet fucking girl and thought of 5 cool movies to watch/rewatch in celebration of the new era of shit that will force you to stay indoors more.

matrix – coders, pills, leather coats and more. must watch this before we meet.

inception – leonardo dicaprio as level 10 master thief robs the psyche of various tycoons

cloud atlas – three hours of tour-de-trippy brainstorm on how all shit is connected

zero theorem – similar but more depressing. what’s the point of anything :/

blade runner – yay for cyborg girlfriends. another daphie-must-watch

enjoy bunnies and stop by say hello!