blind date

  • Posted on 17th February 2014,
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me and my cat my mid-twenties are one nice perpetual hangover. last wednesday i packed my gear and got on my merry way to mammoth to do some skiing, get a little fatter on local pizzas, and just do something that’s not work. being a creature of habit, of course i stopped for a couple nights in los angeles to indulge my fine ass with good drinks and vietnamese food. and that is where i got trapped and set up on my first blind date by a good friend of mine. my friend is a tall handsome gay guy who is allergic to polyester like i am. anyway, back to the date. 1 pm, four seasons, vp of whatever. great, i’m thinking. lunch date, he is going to think i’m an alcoholic for having my red blend before 6. and if he doesn’t, i’ll have two more and will be hungover by 5. not really expecting much from the whole thing. we meet at the lobby and by the time i was ordering my alcohol he already knew that i watched twilight zone by myself on valentine’s day and got coal for christmas. by the time the waiter brought out our burgers, he made me guess how many bones there are in an adult human body (206-208) compared to the body of an infant (300-350. wow!). by the time we were done with the food i was ready for the second glass and had two takeaways: i want more blind dates and more burgers. as we were saying goodbye he snapped a pic of me and asked where to send it to. i guess it’s the way executives ask for your email. i didn’t mind. i received the image while walking to my hotel room and now i’m sharing it with you. hope you are having a good weekend, bunnies. who wants to be my next blind date?…

a little video

  • Posted on 9th February 2014,
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a little video of the aforementioned lingerie shopping trip…

lingerie shopping

  • Posted on 9th February 2014,
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first, i uploaded a bunch of new pics from my trip to vegas in the gallery. check them out.

ok now on to our story… i’m completely addicted to lingerie shopping. i found myself wandering around las vegas with my girlfriend and ran into the kiki de montparnasse store. talk about love at first sight. i swear i tried off half the store…and they kept pouring champagne…before i knew it my girlfriend had snapped hundreds of photos of me in the changing room before we got too drunk and started doing other things. oops! anyway,  i thought i’d share a few with you so you can play along. how cool is that?

some of them are blurry – but honestly who really gives a fuck?

dancing devastation checking ass blurry strappy 

vulcans never bluff

  • Posted on 2nd February 2014,
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so yeah, that whole “mid-january” thing didn’t really work out. too much travel, too little time. now i’m off to vegas and then skiing (finally). soooo let’s call it a typo and say i’ll be back online more often midish-februaryish instead. can’t blame a girl for having too much fun.

in the mean time i’ve uploaded a bunch of photos of ‘every day life’.

earringsshort skirtcow lovesunflowerstropezcow

worst blogger ever

  • Posted on 18th December 2013,
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ok. so it started with my birthday. i went on a little vacation and went shopping and did a million things – and before i knew it, i forgot to update my blog.

then thanksgiving came and in anticipation for my favorite holiday of the year i ate 30 turkeys and completely forgot about the internets and their pipes.

and now christmas is coming and i still haven’t blogged. ARGHHHHH bloggggggggg. blog is totally a four letter word. so first and foremost, i’m here. i’m still getting your emails through the site and your presents (thank you to everyone who sent something!)

now i’m off to new york city then skiing – but i promise i’ll be back mid-january so keep clicking refresh and i’ll tell you when i’m back.

as always, you can give me a little christmas lovin’ on my about page and the person who gives me the best present gets to be my boyfriend for a day. whoa!

i’ll leave you with a christmas joke…why was Santa’s little helper depressed? because he had low elf esteem. happy holidays my little puppies and friends!…

all tied up

  • Posted on 29th October 2013,
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you know it’s a good birthday when you do a bondage photoshoot to celebrate. wearing my sexy agent provocateur handcuffs and the matching gold collar… not to mention their whitney suspender lingerie. fuck i felt hot. now if only there was a boy around who would take advantage of me. can’t wait to post these on livejasmin. maybe you’d like to tie me up and teach me a thing or two?

daphnepie tied up

scooby dooooo

  • Posted on 7th October 2013,
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so guys love to ask me if i’m named after daphne from scooby-doo. are you kidding me?  no, my mom didn’t name me after a cartoon redhead chick that solves crimes by getting high off of dog snacks. but i have to admit… her style is kind of kickass and i’d kill for her short skirts.

this is one of my favorite episodes with her – look how gold coins hypnotize me!

what would you do with a sexy hypnotized girl wearing a short mini skirt? hmmmmm.…

brazil butt lift

  • Posted on 6th October 2013,
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so everyone (mostly guys, strangely) has been telling me how great this video is – you all should check it out. it’s the brazil butt lift. i just got it in the mail so look out world, my ass is about to be brazilianized suckers! i can’t understand a word the brazilian workout dude is shouting at me but it’s still hot. i should make a video. hmmm. anyway, it was pretty funny – they want me to send in a before and after picture of my ass so they can put it on their website as a testimonial… nice try, pervs. ok that’s it for now – gotta get my beauty sleep for tomorrow.…

first post

  • Posted on 3rd October 2013,
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yeah yeah yeah it’s my blog.

i can’t promise everything i post here is going to challenge you intellectually – but it’s all going to be pretty awesome.

but first i’m going to have some wine – this was enough for today.…