another blog post yay.

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bathroom selfiei thought i should make a blog post dedicated to the 4th of july. and what better way to celebrate independence day other than wearing stars and stripes panties with an eagle chilling on my forearm. fact du jour on falconry: the relationship between the falconer and the bird is really interesting and different from the relationship a person would have with a pet. unlike pets, raptors are non-affectionate animals. having no ability to deal with dominant or submissive roles, they will not aim to please the falconer; they are simply opportunistic and learn that life with the falconer affords the easiest and most reliable source of food and protection. as a consequence, positive reinforcement is the only way to establish a relationship with the bird, which is solely based on trust. the falcon places confidence in the owner to give it some tasty treats, and the falconer trusts the bird to come back. the end. back to the independence day.

i have a great idea. let’s take this opportunity and showcase our infinite love and appreciation for this country. here is some cool shit that US came up with imo:

number one: internet. internet is fucking great. especially for a person like me. when i wake up, i want marky mark temporary tattoos delivered to my door step by 6 pm. mind you, my alarm typically starts going off at around 4 pm. so do the math. yep, apart from hanging out on livejasmin, it’s pretty much all i use the internet for.

next, cell phones. do you guys remember motorola razr v3?  first sexting I ever had – awe!

submarines. nuclear subs are the shit. i actually went to a couple marine-whatever museums and they rocked my brain and pussy. can we actually take a moment and admire the underwater biz? on one marine museum trip i found out that there are very strict policies over the toilet paper distribution as well as super fucking rough correspondence censorship. don’t you get emotional down there.

first nuclear reactor. for all you feisty nerds out there – let’s split my atom in two. it’s called “nuclear fission” by the way. use it on a date with me and i’ll love your balls long time.

moon landing. ok this is way too cool so i’m going to make a whole post on it. it’s going to have super-materials, cool rovers, and nazi germany in it. woah! now i am off to having tasty bbq’s with friends. meanwhile, plan the landing on my round booty and putting a flag on it. happy 4th of july, all my american bunnies!

and usual content-related movie bonus:
maltese falcon – noir at it’s sexiest. murders, trench coats, fine ladies – highly daphierecommended.

and a non-related movie bonus:
tickled – watched it yesterday. thought it was interesting.


did you guys like your asylum slut last week?

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artistic oculus

daphnepie gets dirty with her oculus rift.

priviet everybody! new week new crap to play with. ta-tada-daaaaaa meet my brand new oculus rift cv1. for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to get their paws on one yet but are oh so curious about how one looks on a sexy redhead wearing agent provocateur, i made a quick little unboxing video. go to and find it on my premium channel (@daphnepie duh). be over 18, this is important!!!

ok diving right into the business. my thoughts on the headset:
i. vr is fucking cool
ii. the htc vive is about 5x smoother than oculus but i need them all in case first porn is exclusive to one brand
iii. can’t wait for the “escape the room” kinda games, architectural puzzles, and designing a cyber boyfriend for my pretty little ass
iv. even with the most kick-ass headset, don’t forget to still go out, my sweet boys and girls, because then you can run into meeee and slap my ass saying “damn baby wanna tap dat ass”. gets me every time.

also, i was a sweet fucking girl and thought of 5 cool movies to watch/rewatch in celebration of the new era of shit that will force you to stay indoors more.

matrix – coders, pills, leather coats and more. must watch this before we meet.

inception – leonardo dicaprio as level 10 master thief robs the psyche of various tycoons

cloud atlas – three hours of tour-de-trippy brainstorm on how all shit is connected

zero theorem – similar but more depressing. what’s the point of anything :/

blade runner – yay for cyborg girlfriends. another daphie-must-watch

enjoy bunnies and stop by say hello!


let’s talk passions. specifically useless ones.

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   i hate brunch. eggs make me nauseous, mimosas tend to fortify the egg-effect, i also get no dinner rolls (?!?!) –  fuck off.

“girl, show panties or get to the fucking point”

okay! fucking relax.

right, today i had the best conversation about habits, passions, hobbies, and wasting time. i swear, every brunch i get dragged to results in the best chat ever. it’s probably because i feel this constant urge to keep my mouth busy at all times. ten years ago it was cigarettes, then i moved to california so i had to move onto perfectly crisp on the outside pink on the inside salmon. dick is there whenever i get a fucking chance. flossing teeth, blowing gum, you name it – i’m on it. at the brunch however i’m deprived of any of those pleasures, so i have to rely on a the fine art of oration and hope for the best. it’s that or eggs benedict magically trigger my cerebrum and whatever brain cells of the people i’m with.

“dude, get to the point”

keep bitching and you’re on your jolly fucking way to the pussy-ban-list. yeah i have one. also, how about a quick jog to the kitchen cause mami wants cheese and wine. run!

where was i… right, brunch. the mimosa pitcher arrived right in the middle of my and my neighbor’s attempt to summarize and categorize all the pointless but joyful actions we perform on the regular basis. i chose to arrange mine into something that resembles a totem pole. i have sorting lingerie right at the bottom. then goes browsing amazon and tinder with the equal amount of instant gratification. webcams are chilling somewhere between trying out various douchy diets and finding new meme instagram accounts. i also spend a lot of time dreaming about becoming a piercer but i don’t think it counts as a passion. the list is long, miscellaneous, and results in cutting my beauty sleep down to 3 hours a day or less. niet! (#learnrussian) it’s about time i take a moment and do some time management.

activities slated for potential termination:

i. spending hours looking up weird pictures of chris hemsworth with the sole purpose of having them on my phone just in case i need to make a witty meme stat

ii. chatting to random people on the internet who i know i’d never be able to establish any kind of human relationship with just to see what they have to say

iii. crafting various kinds of shit out of duct tape and whatever i have at my arm’s length

iv. throwing glitter and confetti up in the air when i have parties at my place. it looks cool for somewhere between 3 and 10 seconds and takes 435 hours to get rid of (even with my amazing dyson vacuum cleaner). this crap also gets all over the fucking place, it’s everywhere. including my panties and mouth.

v. at happy hours, lying to myself and others that i’m on a detox diet, having 4 drinks shortly after because it’s a good deal, and ending up with both hands occupied by 11pm, typically with dicks, boobs, or/and burritos.

that’s it for now. anyone who wants to join “daphie’s time saving campaign” come for a chat on livejasmin.

also, follow my instagram @daphahk and tell me off if i make more chris hemsworth memes! i will love you long time.


blind date

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me and my cat my mid-twenties are one nice perpetual hangover. last wednesday i packed my gear and got on my merry way to mammoth to do some skiing, get a little fatter on local pizzas, and just do something that’s not work. being a creature of habit, of course i stopped for a couple nights in los angeles to indulge my fine ass with good drinks and vietnamese food. and that is where i got trapped and set up on my first blind date by a good friend of mine. my friend is a tall handsome gay guy who is allergic to polyester like i am. anyway, back to the date. 1 pm, four seasons, vp of whatever. great, i’m thinking. lunch date, he is going to think i’m an alcoholic for having my red blend before 6. and if he doesn’t, i’ll have two more and will be hungover by 5. not really expecting much from the whole thing. we meet at the lobby and by the time i was ordering my alcohol he already knew that i watched twilight zone by myself on valentine’s day and got coal for christmas. by the time the waiter brought out our burgers, he made me guess how many bones there are in an adult human body (206-208) compared to the body of an infant (300-350. wow!). by the time we were done with the food i was ready for the second glass and had two takeaways: i want more blind dates and more burgers. as we were saying goodbye he snapped a pic of me and asked where to send it to. i guess it’s the way executives ask for your email. i didn’t mind. i received the image while walking to my hotel room and now i’m sharing it with you. hope you are having a good weekend, bunnies. who wants to be my next blind date?…

a little video

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a little video of the aforementioned lingerie shopping trip…

lingerie shopping

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first, i uploaded a bunch of new pics from my trip to vegas in the gallery. check them out.

ok now on to our story… i’m completely addicted to lingerie shopping. i found myself wandering around las vegas with my girlfriend and ran into the kiki de montparnasse store. talk about love at first sight. i swear i tried off half the store…and they kept pouring champagne…before i knew it my girlfriend had snapped hundreds of photos of me in the changing room before we got too drunk and started doing other things. oops! anyway,  i thought i’d share a few with you so you can play along. how cool is that?

some of them are blurry – but honestly who really gives a fuck?

dancing devastation checking ass blurry strappy 

vulcans never bluff

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so yeah, that whole “mid-january” thing didn’t really work out. too much travel, too little time. now i’m off to vegas and then skiing (finally). soooo let’s call it a typo and say i’ll be back online more often midish-februaryish instead. can’t blame a girl for having too much fun.

in the mean time i’ve uploaded a bunch of photos of ‘every day life’.

earringsshort skirtcow lovesunflowerstropezcow

worst blogger ever

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ok. so it started with my birthday. i went on a little vacation and went shopping and did a million things – and before i knew it, i forgot to update my blog.

then thanksgiving came and in anticipation for my favorite holiday of the year i ate 30 turkeys and completely forgot about the internets and their pipes.

and now christmas is coming and i still haven’t blogged. ARGHHHHH bloggggggggg. blog is totally a four letter word. so first and foremost, i’m here. i’m still getting your emails through the site and your presents (thank you to everyone who sent something!)

now i’m off to new york city then skiing – but i promise i’ll be back mid-january so keep clicking refresh and i’ll tell you when i’m back.

as always, you can give me a little christmas lovin’ on my about page and the person who gives me the best present gets to be my boyfriend for a day. whoa!

i’ll leave you with a christmas joke…why was Santa’s little helper depressed? because he had low elf esteem. happy holidays my little puppies and friends!…

all tied up

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you know it’s a good birthday when you do a bondage photoshoot to celebrate. wearing my sexy agent provocateur handcuffs and the matching gold collar… not to mention their whitney suspender lingerie. fuck i felt hot. now if only there was a boy around who would take advantage of me. can’t wait to post these on livejasmin. maybe you’d like to tie me up and teach me a thing or two?

daphnepie tied up

scooby dooooo

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so guys love to ask me if i’m named after daphne from scooby-doo. are you kidding me?  no, my mom didn’t name me after a cartoon redhead chick that solves crimes by getting high off of dog snacks. but i have to admit… her style is kind of kickass and i’d kill for her short skirts.

this is one of my favorite episodes with her – look how gold coins hypnotize me!

what would you do with a sexy hypnotized girl wearing a short mini skirt? hmmmmm.…

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