blind date

  • posted on 17th February 2014,
  • written by

me and my cat my mid-twenties are one nice perpetual hangover. last wednesday i packed my gear and got on my merry way to mammoth to do some skiing, get a little fatter on local pizzas, and just do something that’s not work. being a creature of habit, of course i stopped for a couple nights in los angeles to indulge my fine ass with good drinks and vietnamese food. and that is where i got trapped and set up on my first blind date by a good friend of mine. my friend is a tall handsome gay guy who is allergic to polyester like i am. anyway, back to the date. 1 pm, four seasons, vp of whatever. great, i’m thinking. lunch date, he is going to think i’m an alcoholic for having my red blend before 6. and if he doesn’t, i’ll have two more and will be hungover by 5. not really expecting much from the whole thing. we meet at the lobby and by the time i was ordering my alcohol he already knew that i watched twilight zone by myself on valentine’s day and got coal for christmas. by the time the waiter brought out our burgers, he made me guess how many bones there are in an adult human body (206-208) compared to the body of an infant (300-350. wow!). by the time we were done with the food i was ready for the second glass and had two takeaways: i want more blind dates and more burgers. as we were saying goodbye he snapped a pic of me and asked where to send it to. i guess it’s the way executives ask for your email. i didn’t mind. i received the image while walking to my hotel room and now i’m sharing it with you. hope you are having a good weekend, bunnies. who wants to be my next blind date?