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  • posted on 4th July 2016,
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bathroom selfiei thought i should make a blog post dedicated to the 4th of july. and what better way to celebrate independence day other than wearing stars and stripes panties with an eagle chilling on my forearm. fact du jour on falconry: the relationship between the falconer and the bird is really interesting and different from the relationship a person would have with a pet. unlike pets, raptors are non-affectionate animals. having no ability to deal with dominant or submissive roles, they will not aim to please the falconer; they are simply opportunistic and learn that life with the falconer affords the easiest and most reliable source of food and protection. as a consequence, positive reinforcement is the only way to establish a relationship with the bird, which is solely based on trust. the falcon places confidence in the owner to give it some tasty treats, and the falconer trusts the bird to come back. the end. back to the independence day.

i have a great idea. let’s take this opportunity and showcase our infinite love and appreciation for this country. here is some cool shit that US came up with imo:

number one: internet. internet is fucking great. especially for a person like me. when i wake up, i want marky mark temporary tattoos delivered to my door step by 6 pm. mind you, my alarm typically starts going off at around 4 pm. so do the math. yep, apart from hanging out on livejasmin, it’s pretty much all i use the internet for.

next, cell phones. do you guys remember motorola razr v3?  first sexting I ever had – awe!

submarines. nuclear subs are the shit. i actually went to a couple marine-whatever museums and they rocked my brain and pussy. can we actually take a moment and admire the underwater biz? on one marine museum trip i found out that there are very strict policies over the toilet paper distribution as well as super fucking rough correspondence censorship. don’t you get emotional down there.

first nuclear reactor. for all you feisty nerds out there – let’s split my atom in two. it’s called “nuclear fission” by the way. use it on a date with me and i’ll love your balls long time.

moon landing. ok this is way too cool so i’m going to make a whole post on it. it’s going to have super-materials, cool rovers, and nazi germany in it. woah! now i am off to having tasty bbq’s with friends. meanwhile, plan the landing on my round booty and putting a flag on it. happy 4th of july, all my american bunnies!

and usual content-related movie bonus:
maltese falcon – noir at it’s sexiest. murders, trench coats, fine ladies – highly daphierecommended.

and a non-related movie bonus:
tickled – watched it yesterday. thought it was interesting.